Archivística: fundamentación teórica y tradición formativa

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Alfonso Díaz Rodríguez‘s insight:

Giraldo Lopera, Marta Lucía. 2009.  Archivística: fundamentación teórica y tradición formativa. Revista Interamericana de Bibliotecología, vol. 32, 1. Medellín, Colombia

The study of archivistics has become important in contemporary culture, but it is anteceded by a long evolutionary process in which it goes from practice to scientific discipline. This paper reflects on the object of study of archivistics, its theoretical evolution, its educational tradition, its differences and similarities with other disciplines, and the impact of information and communication technologies (ICT) on both its theoretical and methodological foundations and on the education of professionals. The analysis of the development of archivistics as a discipline in progress should contribute to replace the widely spread mechanical and functional explanations, which have hindered its academic recognition. The paper concludes stating that archivistics has maintained its theoretical principles, although affected by the incorporation of information and communication technologies. Also, it asserts that documentation managing –including classification, ordering, description and conservationis still guided by the principle of provenance in its two dimensions: the respect for the fonds and the respect for the original order. Besides, it is still concerned with the preservation of documentary patrimony.

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